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Why not to vote for Trump on Tuesday!!!

The Super Tuesday Republican Primary is now 3 days away and Donald Trump seems like he is in line to become the Republican nominee for President of the United Sates. If he can win a majority of Super Tuesday contest he is almost a shoe in. For most conservatives and Republicans this should be a scary thought. Trump throughout his life has supported liberal policies and liberal positions that are contrary to Republican or conservative positions. He has even called Hillary Clinton a great negotiator and supported ObamaCare.

While the reasons Trump should not be voted for by conservatives or Republicans are large, there are a few main positions that are a slap in the face to conservative values or the values of the Republican Party that he stands against. Trump has supported democrat candidates through the pervious election cycle, Trump supporter’s claim it is the cost of doing business, but when he has said that Nancy Pelosi would impeach George W. Bush, is that believable. Trump numerous times has supported stronger gun control measures, such as the assault weapons ban, how can any Republican or conservative support this or a candidate who supports this? Trump has proposed massive tariffs on foreign goods, produce, and meat, again any conservative or Republican should be scared of such a proposal. The same policies lead to the Great Depression. Food prices are high enough now; do we really want to pay $10 for a pound of hamburger or $12 for a pound of tomatoes because they come from Mexico, Canada, or other countries?

On top of this policy positions that are a slap in the face to conservatism, Trump has also taken racist and bigoted positions that have no room in the party that freed the slaves, fought for desegregation, and for the Civil Rights Movement. Trump on numerous times has retweeted messages on Twitter that have been posted by Ku Klux Klan afflicted groups, white nationalist groups, and other racist groups. Is this what conservatism and the Republican Party has become? This is what the media wants to portray the party and conservatives as, and Trump supporters have allowed this. How can conservatives and Republicans support a man, who has railed against immigrants of any kind and has on numerous occasions called Hispanics “drug dealers” and “rapist”? Or a guy who wants to ban all Muslims and make a database of Muslims in the United Sates? How can a conservative or Republican support a guy who wants such a large amount of government overreach and is so anti-immigrant that he wants to ban all foreigners unless they are white in skin color? America was built on immigrants from numerous countries, including Trump’s family, who came from Germany Also Trump wants to build a wall along the Mexican border at a cost of 8 billion dollars and force mass deportations of all immigrants, his plan would destroy the United States economy.

There are many more reasons not to support Trump, but these are some of the biggest, these positions are a slap in the face of the values of the Republican Party and the values of conservatism. Trump’s positions are a xenophobic, racist, sexist, bigoted brand of populism similar to the “Know nothing party”. A vote for trump is a vote for everything opposite of conservatism and what the Republican Party stands for.  Republicans and conservatives claim that President Obama was not thoroughly vetted prior to becoming President, but they are failing to properly vet Trump. Trump has used illegal immigrants to build his “empire”, but now believes that all immigrants should be banned from the United States. Trump is wrong for conservatives and Republicans. Trump has supported Henry Reid and other high powered democrats. Trump is beholden to special interest such as big Wall Street banks and his supporters claim he has no ties to special interest.  I implore you to vote against Trump on Super Tuesday.

Racist, Neo-Confederate group, main group against Spotsylvania Mosque


Some may know that the Islamic Center on Fredericksburg which is currently located on Harrison Road in Western Spotsylvania County, across from the Harrison’s Crossing Shopping Center has a zoning permit in front of the Spotsylvania Planning Commission to move the Islamic Center to bigger location off of Old Plank Road and Andora Drive in Spotsylvania County. Opposition has mainly focused on bigoted hate speech by those who do not support the Islamic Center moving to a bigger location on land the center owns.


One such group which seems to be the main opponents of the Islamic Center’s move is a group calling itself Southern Occupants United Through Heritage or S.O.U.T.H. This same group has hosted confederate flag rallies throughout Central Virginia and has gone to D.C. to hold a confederate flag rally. The group can be found on Facebook under “Central VA Confederate Flag Rallies”.


The group based off Facebook post and videos has a very secessionist, neo-confederate tone. They have included videos on Facebook, calling African-American’s in D.C. “Ghetto Savages” because residents on D.C. did not take kindly to them carrying confederate flags through the streets of the city. Another video shows a man holding a sign in front of the Islamic Center in Spotsylvania stating “No Jihad in Dixie”; the sign was produced by the Neo-confederate group, the league of the South.


The League of the South is a racist, neo-confederate group based in Alabama. The group wants to establish a European-American dominated south and secede from the United States. The group has been involved in numerous incidents of hate speech and has also stated “the Jews control the United States” and “Blacks would be defeated in a race war”. This group S.O.U.T.H. also conducted a rally across from The Islamic Center of Fredericksburg, which was reminiscent of Klan rally’s in the 1960’s. The group sat across from the center, holding confederate flags and sign denouncing Islam, the only items missing were white hood and sheets.



The Islamic Center of Fredericksburg has been cited by many individuals in the community as being a huge supporter of many organizations such as Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire and Rescue, who are currently their neighbor at their current location. The center also operates a food pantry to provide to children in the Fredericksburg Area, whose families cannot provide meals to their children.  The Islamic Center of Fredericksburg has been a great member of the Community of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania and should be allowed to expand their center on their land in the county.


So who really would trust a racist, bigoted group of people, who have no knowledge of The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, or The Virginia Declaration of Religious Freedom because they oppose The Islamic Center of Fredericksburg? To make matters worse this same group must not know that people have the right to do what they want to do with their land. So in the ending the group S.O.U.T.H. or whoever they are need to research government and our founding documents before commenting or protesting issues. This same group S.O.U.T.H. will also have a float at the Stafford County Christmas Parade this Saturday, December 19th, I ask for the organizers of this event not to allow a racist, bigoted, hate filled group be allowed to participate in the parade.



On the Right Endorses Mitt Romney

Over the last 4 years the United States has been battling out of a rescission, continued to be threatened by our enemies across the globe, and been hampered with an enormous amount of debt. Barack Obama was elected on a wave of “hope and change”, since his election what has changed?  Gas prices when President Obama was elected average $1.80 a gallon in the United States, gas is now averaging over $3.80 a gallon. Consumer prices have risen dramatically. Food prices have sky rocketed, electric rates have increased by over 15%, and more American’s are unemployed then when President Obama was elected, including millions who have left the labor market due to lack of available jobs (“Our current price,” 2012, Muha, Egan, 2012) . Unemployment has been over 8.0% for all but one month of the Obama Presidency.  This is all, while American’s income has declined due to higher taxes and lower waged employment. So what exactly has President Obama changed, he has hurt the middle class and the pain will continue if reelected, taxes will increase in 2014 because of the Obama Healthcare Bill. Medical devices such as blood testing machines for diabetics, splint, crutches, and anything that is considered a medical device will have a new 10% tax then. Middle Class American’s without health insurance will have to pay a $1,400 tax. Other taxes will also increase under a 2nd Obama term and energy, food and consumer prices will increase as companies pass the taxes on to the buyer. Obama as president has cut American domestic energy production and denied the drilling for oil in numerous locations including Virginia, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Outside of the horrible current economic situation in the United Sates we are still engaged in the War on Terror, now while President Obama has conducted the war a lot better than I expected his overall foreign policy has been a jumbled mess. His constant apology tour has weakened our standing in the world. His inability to determine that the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya and killing of 4 American’s was a terror attack for 14 days shows a lack of leadership. Russia and China have continued to undermine American interest throughout the world, with no response from President Obama. Mitt Romney will continue to fight terrorist were they exist, and will stop apologizing to other countries for American greatness.

Mitt Romney has an economic plan that will get America back on track by lowering taxes on all American’s, investing in American energy resources, and putting America back on the right path to prosperity. The decrease in taxes will allow American’s to spend and invest more money, thus strengthening the economy and creating jobs. This is why On the Right will endorse Mitt Romney for President of the United States.



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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Everybody.

Introducing Virginian’s Against Ron Paul

Since there are only two choices in the GOP Virginia Primary next year, I am introducing a group to show Virginian’s the real Ron Paul. The racist, anti-Semitic, and loony Ron Paul. Go check the group out here.


Virginia’s Against Ron Paul

Proof Ron Paul is not a Republican

A website called “blue republican” is urging democrats to switch to Republican, to vote for the loon of the century Ron Paul. Just what we need in the Republican party, a bunch of code pink nuts. More proof Ron Paul is not what we need in the GOP.

RIP Virginia Tech Police Officer Deriek Crouse

Taken from WSLS-News 10-Roanoke

Virginia Tech has named the campus police officer who was shot and killed.

He was 39-year-old Deriek Crouse, of Christiansburg. WSLS had learned who the officer was, but held off from reporting his name until Virginia Tech formally released it.

Crouse joined the Virginia Tech Police Department in October of 2007, and is survived by his wife, five children and step-children.

Officer Crouse was also a member of the Virginia Tech Police emergency response team, since February of this year.

Before joining the Virginia Tech Police Dept., Crouse worked at the New River Valley Jail, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and is an Army veteran.

"A date which will live in infamy" The attack on Pearl Harbor

70 years ago today,on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese navy sneak attacked the American Navel base, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, a total of 2,402 Americans killed and an additional 1,282 wounded. The attack was the beginning of America’s entrance into World War II.

Great analysis on Virginia’s election

The Wall Street Journal has a great analysis on the elections in Virginia.

State House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong felt compelled to run an ad protesting that it was a “stretch” for his GOP opponent to “compare me to Barack Obama.” After all, he was “pro-life, pro-gun and I always put Virginia first.” (Mr. Armstrong lost on Tuesday.)

Virginia Democrats were happy to identify with one top official: Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is providing a lesson in the benefits of smart GOP governance in battleground states. Criticized as being too socially conservative for Virginia when he was elected in 2009, Mr. McDonnell has won over voters by focusing on the economy and jobs. His approval ratings are in the 60s, and he helped raise some $5 million for local candidates. He’s popular enough that Democrats took to including pictures of him in their campaign literature, and bragging that they’d worked with him.

Sure seems that Virginia is a dark red state again. I seriously do not see Obama winning Virginia next year, nor do I see Tim Kaine winning his senate election against George Allen.

Thank you to all Veterans

Please thank a Veteran today.