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Caroline County – Post Election

While I do not live in Caroline County anymore, my family still does and my dad, Reinhardt Watson was running for Board of Supervisor’s in the Port Royal District. Since this is the case, I am going to do a post-election post on the county’s election from last night.

My dad was in a 3-way race against 2 do nothing career politicians, Nancy Long, a “Republican” and Calvin Taylor, a Democrat. Calvin Taylor spent 16 years on the Board of Supervisor’s before being defeated by Bobby Popowicz in 2008. During those 16 years on the Board Calvin Taylor brought no jobs, no new businesses, and did not improve the quality of life of the residents of the Port Royal District. Nancy Long has spent 12 years in elected positions in the Town of Port Royal, including Mayor. Port Royal still looks like the Port Royal of 1800;the Town has no businesses, no jobs, and lacks anything that would improve the quality of life for residents. The Town even lacks a park, through one has been budgeted since the 1990’s. Since this is the case, I would determine that Nancy Long has done absolutely nothing for the Town of Port Royal. Hence the status quo in the county continues with the “re” election of Calvin Taylor.

The Caroline County Republican Party leadership is inept and leaderless at best and corrupt at worse. Selecting Nancy Long as a candidate was another example of the county committee selecting a person who was not really a Republican. Long, does not believe in personal-property rights, has given money to Democrat candidates, and does not in any way uphold the values and platform of the Republican Party of Virginia. The Leadership of the county party, Jeff Sili, who also does not believe in personal-property rights, supports no growth in the county, and  picks fake republican’s to run as candidates. Sili also has his head so far up the butt of any big time Republican in an effort to make himself look important. Sili has destroyed any organization of the Caroline County Republican Party, they have no website, no funds, Sili has been censured by RPV, and has back stabbed and bad mouthed on numerous occasions other elected Republican’s.  Guess what, in Sili’s 4 years on the Board of Supervisor’s, what has he done for the county to make it a better place to live or start a business, answer-nothing. It would figure that he would get re-elected last night.

In the Sheriff’s race, current Sheriff, Tony Lippa beat challenger Charles “Sonny” Garnett. Lippa, whose biggest supporter was recently indicted for embezzlement, is being sued for civil rights violations, and openly campaigned for a challenger to incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tony Spencer, due to Lippa having a personal vendetta against Spencer. Lippa has made the Caroline Sheriff’s Officer his personal fiefdom , by hiring family members to positions within the department and firing or running off anybody who opposed him. Well, Lippa also won re-election.

It makes me wonder why people chose the same screwed up, do nothing, corrupt politicians over and over again and then complain about the government and what it does or does not do. Caroline County will continue to have a lower quality of life as compared to surrounding counties over the next 4 years. this is due to the decisions and choices of the voter’s of Caroline. Unemployment will continue to be high and jobs unavailable due to electing politicians who do not support growth and do not make the county a business friendly county. The county will lose millions of dollars, due to Lippa’s lawsuit. M0ney that could have hired people, repaired schools, and improved the quality of life for Caroline Residents. Caroline, you had choices but yet again you elected the same “good old boy” politicians. In 4 years, Caroline residents you only have yourself to blame when the county is still the same.

Than you to, Reinhardt Watson, James “Whit” Whitmer, and Charles “Sonny” Garnett for trying to improve Caroline and by having the heart to go through with a campaign, and try to make Caroline a better place with your ideas and visions.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Port Royal!!!

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